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Once the discharge and the net head are defined, an optimized calculation is made allowing the choice of appropriate type and number of turbines that will generate maximum energy at minimum cost.

APE manufacture following types of turbines ranging from 100 KW to 20000 KW per unit:

Kaplan Turbine ¬ BACK

Kaplan Turbines are Reaction Turbines widely used throughout the World for low head and high discharge hydro projects. The number blades are typically 3 to 5 in numbers and are adjustable or fixed type. The water enters the Turbine in axial direction and leaves over the runner radially. As water passes through the runner and over the curved surfaces it causes rotation of the runner. The adjustable runner blades and / or wicket gates enable high efficiency even at Partial Load.

Types of Kaplan Turbines Offered:

» Vertical Type » Open Flume Type
» Horizontal S-Type / Pit Type » Bulb Intake Type
» Inclined Type » Siphon Intake Type
Main Features
Runner with fixed or adjustable blades in Stainless Steel or Aluminium Bronze.
Distributor with fixed or adjustable wicket gates in Stainless Steel, Cast Steel or Mild Steel.
Francis Turbine ¬ BACK

Francis Turbines are also reaction Type Turbines used for medium head hydro projects. The runner blades are typically 11 to 19 in numbers and are fixed type. The water enters the runner radially and leaves in axial direction. As the water passes through the runner and over the curved surfaces, it results in rotation of the runner. The guide vanes or wicket gates are normally adjustable to attain good efficiency.

The Francis Turbines are normally used for head varying from 10 meters to 200 meters.

Types of Francis Turbine offered:

» Vertical Type    
» Horizontal Type    
Main Features
Runner with fixed blades in Stainless Steel.
Distributor with adjustable wicket gates in Stainless Steel, Cast Steel or Mild Steel.
Pelton Turbine ¬ BACK

The Pelton Wheel Turbines are Tangential Flow Impulse Turbine used for high head hydro projects. The stream of Water is directed by the Nozzles on series of bucket mounted around the edge of a wheel. Each bucket reverses the flow of water, leaving it with diminished energy. The resulting impulse spins the runner. The Pelton Turbine can be supplied in Single or Multi-jet to get high efficiency.

The Pelton Wheel is most efficient in high & low discharge applications. These Turbines can be used for high head from 100 meters to 1000 meters.

Types of Pelton Turbines Offered:

» Vertical Type » Horizontal Type
» Single Jet » Multiple Jets
Main Features
Runner with bucket integrally casted in Stainless Steel.
Nozzle & Nozzle tip in Stainless Steel.

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