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Hydro Power


Determination of Preliminary Hydrology / Assessment of Catchment Area / Determination of Gross Head / Assessment of Site Approach etc.

Concept Development includes Identification of location of Power House, Type and Length of Water Conducting System, Type and Capacity of Power House

APE offers “State of the Art” proven Technology, backed by years of experience in Hydro Turbines is equipped to carry out meticulous Design & Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Electro-Mechanical Equipment for Small Hydro Power Projects. APE also offers Turnkey Project including Civil Works in consortium with leading Civil Agencies.

APE deputes its engineers to site during execution of civil works to ensure that it is performed in accordance with General Arrangement Drawings made available by APE. This ensures proper erection and alignment of Electro-Mechanical Equipment.

APE has in house Erection & Commissioning team comprising of expert from mechanical and electrical fields.

APE also deputes its Engineers from Customer Services Department periodically to the project site to guide the client in proper Operation & Maintenance of the projects.

Hydro Power ¬ TOP
» Supply Erection & Commissioning of small & medium size Hydro Projects including electro-mechanical, structural & instrumentation work.
» Erection of switchgears, transformers, LA, isolators, CT & PTs, switchyard structures, laying & termination of power and control cables through cable trays or trenches, jointing of HT cables and its termination.
» Commissioning of electrical systems & synchronization with performance guarantee tests.
» Equipment selection, preparation of DPR.
» Capital overhauling of hydro-turbine generators (Pelton, Francis and Bulb type)
» Runner refurbishment & dynamic balancing.
» Servicing of generator stator, rotor, excitor and other systems. Repair of MIV, guide vanes & bypass valves.
» Repair of injector & deflector system for Pelton sets.
» Overhauling of oil pump unit & unloader system.
» Rebaitting of thrust & journal bearings.
» Rectification of governing system troubles.
» Overhauling of gates & gate seal renewal.
» Re-tubing of air-coolers & oil coolers.
Specialized Services ¬ TOP
» In-situ dynamic balancing for high speed rotary machines & turbines
» Vibration signature analysis & detection of causes for machinery vibration
» Residual life assessment of plants (turbine & generators)
» Generator re-windling & re-conditioning
» Stator fault repair by inter slot matching & electro-chemical etching including detection of core lamination fault by digital ELCID.
» Repair of electrical rotor fault
» Thermal straightening of bend shafts of rotors
» Supply, instillation, commissioning of digital electronic governing system in place of hydro mechanical governor
» Frequency analysis of steam turbine & rotors
Renovation & Modernisation ¬ TOP
» New material and surface treatment for increased component life.
» Casting and profile matching of new Runner.
» Self lubricating bearings.
» Modified shaft seal
» Modern control equipment
» New Digital governor
» New oil pump unit

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